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senior spotlight

 By contributing towards our senior’s scholarship gift packages, you are helping create a new generation of powerful women leaders who are unafraid to pursue their dreams and reach their highest level of potential.

Sponsor a girl

Sponsorship levels:


Entry for one girl



Entry for 5 Teen girls



Entry for 8 girls


There are many advantages to sponsoring a girl, including access to workshop sessions, materials, resources, professional skills, mentorship, and our yearly spring and fall events.

Amaria crosby

Hi, my name is Amaria Crosby, I am a senior at Wyandotte Highs School. I am a Big Sister lead Ambassador for I AM 4:Thirteens and currently serve as a member of the organization. Through
my learning experiences, I have discovered that I want to pursue a future with unlimited possibilities. I lost sight of my future endeavors with so much adversity weighing in on me but
after going through this program for the last four years I have turned my pain into a passion to help me focus on being the best version of myself. My goal upon graduation is to attend a four- year university majoring in business. I would like to expand my cosmetic makeup line and learn how to build a business to help other female entrepreneurs network and build lucrative small
businesses.  In support of my dreams please give a donation amount of your choice to help me on my career path.

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Shi'Ayrr Brown

Hi, my name is Shi’Ayrr Brown, I am a senior at Shawnee Mission Northwest high school. Shi’Ayrr also serves as a Big sister Lead ambassador for I AM 4:thirteens. I have served as a member with I AM 413 for four years and have had the opportunity to serve as a spokesperson and host for several programs and events. I have been awarded honorable mentions for my hard work and dedication to the community. My desire is to become a professional public speaker and a psychologist to study the mind and behavior to solve problems, such as treating mental illness. My goal upon graduation is to attend Howard University and join the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Please help me make this a dream come true.

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