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Health and wellness program

+ Cooking/Nutrition 

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This workshop combines healthy alignment with the freedom to experiment with familiar and new poses. This workshop aims to broaden each person's range of capabilities through alignment and breath instruction. This physical practice is accompanied by yoga, music, and other elements.
During our meditation sessions we will assist you in reaching a state of complete of relaxation.


Slower-paced yoga that focuses on increasing flexibility, releasing tension, and improving strength.
Come learn, have fun, and possibly even break a sweat in a welcoming environment.

All bodies are welcome.


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Meet Our Facilitators


Lead Health & Wellness Facilitator
Saturday, April 15,2023

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My name is Ms Cierra. Welcome to my Yoga Mind & Body Experience! 

In my workshop being held on Saturday, April 15, you will learn yoga for beginners is a gentle, fundamental class that does not include any flow in between poses. The class will include some basic breathing exercises. This is an excellent place to learn relaxation techniques, basic yoga poses, and to become acquainted with the practice of yoga.

It's crucial to develop a meditative mindset if you want to achieve spiritual balance, peace, and calmness.

This will be a relaxing and memorable experience! Wear tennis shoes, a comfortable pair of stretchy pants, and bring your yoga mat.

Keep up with me at my socials! 


FB:Cierra Thedoula

Kimberly Vincent

Lead Cooking/Nutrition Facilitators
Saturday, April 29, 2023


Kim is the award winning chef behind TopKnotch Vegan Vittles. Kim loves to share her passion of Vegan food with everyone she meets. She knows there is a negative perception of vegan food in society and she has set out to share that vegan food can be delicious and just as good as any other food out there. 


TopKnotch Vegan Vittles was founded to help teach people that vegan food can be enjoyable. Ever since opening day Kim has collected numerous award for her "Best in the US Wings". Catching the praises of PETA, Kansas City Star, Veglife Magazine, and more. Kims vegan food is surely a game-changer for all Vegans and aspiring Vegans out there. 

The BariGirls 

Lead Cooking/Nutrition Facilitators
Saturday, April 29, 2023

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For The BariGirls aka Linda Donaldson and Kiley Williams-Bowls healthy eating isn’t just a way of life, it’s an absolute necessity. The mother-daughter duo had gastric bypass surgery and gastric sleeve surgery to lose a significant amount of weight and take charge of their health. Daughter Kiley had gastric sleeve bariatric surgery 14 years ago and mom Linda, a type 1 diabetic, underwent the gastric bypass procedure nine years ago. Now, the two who call themselves The BariGirls, are helping educate others who’ve had weight loss surgery on how to maintain healthy habits.


The BariGirls will share healthy recipes on their cooking show for Hen House markets in the Kansas City area and Cannata’s market in Louisiana. They will offer tips for healthy eating In addition to demonstrating their special vegan cuisines.


The BariGirls have a cookbook, dish-ware, newsletter, website, and a line of spices. They do in-store cooking demonstrations, speak at support groups, one on one consulting, and are influencers for several companies.


This enterprising and dedicated mother-daughter team is proof that healthy eating on a budget can be attainable even as grocery prices continue to soar.  We believe everyone wants to eat healthy, they just need help knowing and making the right choices.  We are here to help.

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