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The Mission of I AM 4:Thirteens is to provide empowerment and enrichment programs to young ladies in grades 8th-12th. Our goal is to equip them with tools and resources needed to prepare for college and career readiness. We accomplish this through the following enrichment programs. Confidence Building, Health & Wellness, College
Prep, and Leadership Development.




Iesha Tyler is a Kansas City native who loves the community she grew up in. A path that began with the opportunity to play collegiate basketball has led to the completion of a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Organizational Leadership from the University of Kansas. She is also currently working on her Master Business Administration Degree at the University of Missouri Kansas City - Bloch School of  Management. 


Iesha is the CEO and Founder of I AM 4:Thirteens Inc., a teenage girls mentoring, college & career readiness program. Her purpose and passion are to advocate for first-generation college students and raise awareness about college and career preparation. Iesha embodies a powerful woman who influences and inspires others to live courageously and with purpose.


Amongst many things, she is an entrepreneur, youth advocate, motivational speaker, and mentor.  Since 2012, she has worked in the sector of higher education bringing awareness to first time generation college students through media initiatives. Our CEO/Founder, Ms. Iesha Tyler, has been described as courageous, dedicated, and influential.

Latrece Hindsman

Administrative Assistant 

Sholanda Sumbaei

(Interim) Program Administrator

Christel Bell

 Chief Operating Officer


To empower and improve teenage girls’ confidence, self-care, education, and leadership skills.

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