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The Mission of I AM 4:ThirTEENS is to provide empowerment and enrichment programs to young ladies in grades 8th-12th. Our goal is to equip them with the tools and resources needed to prepare them for college and career readiness. We accomplish this through enrichment programs that consist of Confidence Building, Health & Wellness, College Prep, and Leadership Development.

I Am Her Mentor Description:


  • Share their wealth of knowledge and experience with mentees

  • Provide guidance and direction for mentee personal growth 

  • Encourage, motivate, and inspire mentees to progress to the next level in their development

  • Assist mentees with accomplishing goals, fulfilling their purpose, and living BIG dreams


What is the time commitment to serve as an I Am Her mentor?

  • Must be available 2 hours per month to connect with mentees

  • Must have reliable internet service and computer access


What are the qualifications to be an I Am Her mentor?

  • Must be 20 years of age or older

  • Must be able to pass a background check

  • Must be a professional woman  or college female student

Is there a financial commitment to serve as an I Am Her mentor?

  • There is no financial requirement to serve but mentors are responsible for payment for their background check

  • Gifts of any kind given to mentees are at the mentor’s discretion and not a requirement

  • Mentors are welcome to sponsor a mentee’s program fees at your own discretion (Details on the website)

In what ways can I Am Her mentors connect with mentees?

  • Virtual Meetings (Zoom, Facetime, etc.)

  • In-person Meetings (under certain conditions)

  • Connect via text message and phone

What are the benefits of serving as an I AM Her mentor?

  • The satisfaction that comes from giving back – You will impact a person’s future

  • Gain a new perspective and view issues through the lens of your mentee

  • A deeper appreciation for the value you have to offer

  • Self-reflection, personal growth, sense of fulfillment, and developed leadership skills

  • Community and networking by connecting with I Am 4:ThirTEENs mentees and mentors

  • Create deep, authentic relationships

If you are interested in serving as an I AM Her mentor, please complete the application below. After your application is submitted, we will review your information and contact you via email with next steps. Thank you for your interest!

Become a Mentor

Please upload your resume

Thanks for submitting!

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