Mentorship Program

for teenage girls ages 13-19

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".

~Philippians 4:13

FOUNDED 9-9-2016



The Mission of I AM 4Thirteens is to provide empowerment and enrichment programs to young ladies in grades 8th-12th through a variety of workshops. Our purpose is to equip them with tools and resources needed to prepare for college and career readiness. We accomplish this through the following enrichment programs. Confidence Building, Health & Wellness, College
Prep, and Leadership Development.

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My name is Rouida Siddiqui and I am a senior at Park Hill South High School. 

I joined I AM 4:ThirTEENS in May 2022 and currently hold the position of Lead member and Intern Program Assistant within the organization. 


Being a first-generation college student within my family, I understand the struggles faced by minority students which makes me passionate about supporting other teenagers like myself by providing them with resources to advance in their educational journeys and flourish in personal wellbeing. 


Religion is my most important value. Coming from a Muslim background and seeing the negative stereotypes that exist about Islam, I am also passionate about spreading Islam in a positive light. 


In the future, I hope to become a doctor. My dream is to manage a global aid organization that transports resources to underserved populations, reduces the spread of disease, and increases the number of people receiving quality healthcare in under-developed Muslim countries such as Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and more. 

Alumni success stories!

We are two I AM 4:Thirteens Inc. alumni members. We've been with the I Am 4:Thirteens  for four years. We began not knowing anything about I AM 413, and we became fearful and unsure of what we were committing ourselves to. I didn't understand how the program worked at first, but as I became more familiar with it and progressed through it, it began to inspire me to be the best version of myself. But before we got there, we had low self-esteem and faced numerous obstacles that would prevent us from reaching our goals. We cried, questioned ourselves, and believed our own negative self-talk. The program workshops, mentorship coaching, and resources we were exposed to started to change our perceptions of ourselves. That negative self-talk was no longer our reality, but rather a relic from the past. I AM 413 workshops have had such an impact on us that we began to shift our thinking, reminding ourselves who God created us to be and walking fearlessly in our purpose. Our confidence is something that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Confidence has given us the opportunity to co-host events, speak life into the lives of other young ladies, publicly speak, lead various projects, and achieve academic excellence to help us continue our education beyond high school. We both want to go to college after high school. I Shi'Ayrr aspire to be a counselor/therapist for adolescents at Harvard University, and I Amaria Crosby aspire to study Business Administration at the University of Missouri-Kansas City to become an aspiring entrepreneur.

We would encourage young ladies to join the I AM 413 sisterhood! And become a life-long member, mentor, and advocate for youth! If you want to be the best version of yourself, don't put it off any longer. We are here to share our story in the hopes of inspiring other young ladies to make the same decision to be a part of something life changing.

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